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President Obama made his budget announcement—leaving some organizations¬† pleased with the increases in funding for maternal and child health, family planning, and malaria while others wonder if, “scarcity of cash means AIDS has to be played off against maternal health, when both urgently need more money.”

Sarah Boseley’s Global Health Blog

“Hot on the heels of the Gates Foundation $10 billion donation to vaccines and Bill and Melinda’s impassioned pleas to governments to increase their aid comes President Obama’s budget announcement, which has attracted both praise and blame.

Among those who say he is a good guy is the Global Health Council, lauding him for a 9% increase in the Fiscal Year 2011 budget request to Congress. This is their analysis of how the money is to be parceled out.

The Council is happy that there are increases for maternal and child health and malaria and family planning (Obama lifted the Global Gag or Mexico City rule imposed by Bush which prevented any US funds going to overseas organisations including UN agencies which were prepared even to discuss abortion with women).

But other organisations are not happy and foremost among the critics is the formidable Jeff Sachs of Columbia University, who has labelled the budget request a Very Big Disappointment…”

Read the full story here.

Also, take a look at Serra Sippel’s post, Obama’s Global Health Initiative: Getting It Right The First Time Around on Huffington Post.

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These goals are too powerful to let go of!

In this piece, Hope Bursts Through, from the Ottawa Citizen, Sachs discusses progress towards the Millennium Development Goals. He does not talk specifically about MDG5 (the focus of this blog), but he does talk about the goals in general terms.¬† He outlines the ways in which governments have not lived up to their commitments—but also writes passionately about the ways in which the Millennium Development Goals have changed the course of global poverty reduction (for the better).

He writes, “Perhaps the most remarkable fact of all about the struggle against extreme poverty is that 10 years later, the MDGs remain vivid, powerful, and a spur to action a decade after their adoption. In a world riven by war, hate, and environmental threats, the glory of shared goals to meet the needs of the world’s poorest people is simply too powerful and compelling to let go.”

He pushes for targeted investments, partnerships between rich and poor countries and for governments to follow through on the commitments they made at the Millennium Summit in 2000.

Read the full article here.

Jeffrey Sachs is the director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University. Read his bio here.

What do you think about Sachs’ piece? Comments?

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