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Access to cell phone technology has contributed to a dramatic reduction in maternal mortality in small villages in Ghana.

In 2006, as part of the Millennium Villages Project, cell phone producer Ericsson teamed up with mobile telecommunications firm Zain to set up mobile phone coverage in several villages in Ghana including Amensie. The companies distributed free phones to health workers and sold phones to villagers for US$10 a phone.

District Nurse Madam Lvdia Owusu said, “When we did not have mobile telecommunication, women were dying.” But since the cell phone project began in 2006, not a single maternal death has been reported in Amensie.

Public health and aid workers note that various improvements in primary health care in Amensie have contributed to the reduction in maternal mortality–but they say that the availability of cell phones has been pivotal.

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To learn more about the commitment Zain has made to help Ghana achieve the Millennium Development Goals, click here.

Also, check out www.mobileactive.org, a global network of people using mobile technology for social impact.

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